Robert Pearlman

2421 E. Hawthorne Street

Tucson, AZ 85719

(520) 881-9965

Current Activity,

Strategy Consultant on School Reform, Technology, and Workforce Development

Director of Strategic Planning, New Technology Foundation, Napa, CA

Recent Activity

·        Executive Director, 21st Century Education Initiative, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network, 2000-2001

·         President, Autodesk Foundation, 1996-2000

·         Chairperson, Board of Directors, Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network, 1997-2001

·         Co-Coordinator, Business and Education for Schools and Technology, 1994-96

·         Consultant on School Restructuring and Technology, 1989-1996

Areas of Expertise

Educational Reform, New School Development, Business-Education Partnerships, School-to-Career and Workforce Development, Union—School District Negotiations, School Restructuring and Technology, Professional Development, Educational Finance, School-site Assessment and Accountability

Education and Employment History


Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, 1965. 5-yr. Professional Degree. Major in Computer Science.

Professional Employment other than Teaching

·        Executive Director, 21st Century Education Initiative, Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network, 2000-20001

·         President, Autodesk Foundation, 1996-2000

·         Coordinator of Educational Reform Initiatives, Boston Teachers Union, 1987 to 1996

·         Consultant on School Restructuring and Technology, 1989 to 1996

·         Associate Director, Co-NECT School New American School Design, 1992-93

·         National Consultant on Educational Technology, American Federation of Teachers, 1988-91

·         Director of Research/Fiscal Analyst, Boston Teachers Union, 1980-1987.

·         Co-Coordinator of Computer Education Programs, Boston Public Schools, 1981-1985.

·         Volunteer in community organizing, U. S. Peace Corps, Chimbote, Peru, 1965-67.


·         Boston Latin School. High School Mathematics and Computers, 1986-88

·         Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA. Adjunct faculty, High Technology Careers, 1981-84

·         Madison Park High School, Boston. Mathematics and Computers, 1977-81

·         Jamaica Plain High School, Boston. Mathematics, 1974-77

·         Arlington High School, Arlington, MA. Mathematics and Computers, 1971-74

·         Bryant and Stratton Jr. College, Boston. Mathematics, Physics, Computer Technology, 1969-71.

Boards and Advisories

·         Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network, Chairperson, Board of Directors

·         California Business Roundtable, Education Task Force

·         National Employer Leadership Council (NELC) Board of Directors

·         Governor’s School-to-Career Advisory Council

·         Workforce Silicon Valley Board of Directors

·         New Ways Workers National, Advisory Board

·         California STC Policy Network Co-Chair

·         California Tech Corps, Board of Directors

·         Institute for the New California, Advisory Board

·         Teaching and California’s Future Task Force

·         Marin County School-to-Career Partnership, Executive Committee

·         International Technology Education Association, Advisory Board

·         Technology Advisory Council, Harvard Graduate School of Education

·         Institute for Responsive Education, Advisory Board, 1994-98

·         VOCED (Vocational Opportunity for Community and Educational Development), Center for Law and Education, National Advisory Board, 1991-94

·         CNN Newsroom , daily K-12 news program from Turner Broadcasting, Advisory Board, 1991-1994

·         Electronic Learning Magazine, 1989-1991, Advisory Board

·         MECC Center for the Study of Educational Technology, 1989-92, Advisory Board

·         American Educational Finance Association, Board of Directors, 1987-1989

·         Office of Technology Assessment special report on "LINKING FOR LEARNING, A New Course for Education"(published 1989), Advisory Group

·         Massachusetts Governor's Task Force on Educational Technology, 1983-85

Boston Education Reform & Professional Development Activities

·         Member, Joint BPS-BTU Steering Committee. Oversight committee for Boston Reform Initiatives.

·         Member, Implementation Group--five person Superintendent-level weekly working group charged with Co-management of the Educational Reform Initiatives.

·         Co-Chair, Center for Leadership Development (CLD) Advisory Board. The mission of the CLD is the leadership development of teachers, administrators, and parents in all aspects of school-site reform.

·         Co-Chair, TeachBoston Advisory Board, a School-to-Career program to prepare high school students for careers as future teachers.

·         Co-coordinator, Pilot Schools ("In-District" Charter Schools).

·         Transition Team for Superintendent Thomas W. Payzant, August to October, 1995.

·         Massachusetts Statewide Assessment Advisory Committee

·         Co-Chair, Joint BPS-BTU Professional Development Committee. 1993 to 1995.

·         Co-Chair, Boston Professional Development Institute, 1991-93. 200 Boston teachers took one-month resident sabbatical programs at a professional development school.

Consulting Activity

Between 1989 and 1996 Pearlman spoke widely on school restructuring and technology at educational technology conferences, including 17 as the keynote speaker, 44 as a featured speaker, scores of other presentations and workshops, and numerous teleconferences and videoconferences. Other consulting activity included school district technology plan assessments, writing, and corporate consultations on the educational technology market.

Articles and Publications

·         "Designing, and Making, the New American High School", Technos Quarterly, Spring, 2002,

·         "Reinventing the High School Experience", Educational Leadership, April 2002, 

·         "New Ingredient for Student Success: Social Networks", March, 2002,

·         "Inside the Digital Divide in the Silicon Valley: Connecting Youth to Opportunities in the New Economy", Digital Divide Network, April, 2002,

·         Smarter Charters? Creating Boston's Pilot Schools”, chapter in the book "Creating New Schools: How Small Schools Are Changing American Education", Teachers College Press, Fall 1999,

·         “Bay Area Needs a Multimedia School-to-Career Partnership”, Marin Independent Journal, June 30, 1997,

·         “Making New Learning Opportunities for Students and Teachers”, California Math Council Communicator, June 1999, 

·         “Straight Talk About School-to-Career Programs”, Interview with Bob Pearlman,

·         “Can K-12 Education Drive On the Information Superhighway?”, Education Week Commentary, 5/25/94,

·         "Can K-12 Education Drive on the Information Highway?,”  chapter in The Changing Nature of Telecommunications/Information Infrastructure, National Research Council (National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 1995)

·         "Innovative Schools as Standard-Bearers: The Dupont Manual (KY) Learning Tomorrow Program", Case study for Facilitating Change: NFIE's Learning Tomorrow Project and School Reform, 1994

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·         "Designing the New American Schools", Communications of the ACM, May, 1993

·         "Designing a New American School", (with Henry F. Olds, Jr.), Phi Delta Kappan, Dec., 1992

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