The School I'd Like Competition 2001, from Launch to Awards


January to June, 2001

Tuesday January 16, 2001 -- Launch of the Competition
The school I'd like
Dea Birkett on a competition which asks children what they really want from school,3605,422486,00.html 

Could your pupils create the dream school?
Tell us what your dream school would be like and win fantastic prizes for your current school!,5992,422564,00.html

Children's choice
Leader (editorial)
Let them suggest the schools they want,3604,422744,00.html 

Tuesday January 23, 2001
Back to front
As one school introduces the triangular classroom, Joanna Moorhead asks if it matters where children sit,3605,426392,00.html 

I quit, too,3605,426396,00.html  

Tuesday January 30, 2001 -- 2 weeks post-launch
Pupil power
This month we launched a competition, asking children to design their dream school. Claire Phipps visits the first of a series of schools that are taking part,3605,430372,00.html 

Teaching was fun, once,3605,430376,00.html  

Tuesday March 20, 2001
Dare to be different
Competition: The school I'd like
In this week's preview, Kate Caryer, 16, who has cerebral palsy, describes the school of her dreams. Plus how to enter (and win fabulous prizes),3605,459153,00.html 

Tuesday May 22, 2001 -- Shortlist of finalists
The school I'd like
Around 15,000 children entered our competition to describe their ideal school. Here is the shortlist. The winners will be announced in two weeks,5500,494288,00.html

Tuesday June 5, 2001 -- The Children's Manifesto  
The School we'd like
Children's voices have not been heard during this election campaign - until now. Some 15,000 of them entered our competition, The School I'd Like, demanding radical change. Dea Birkett unveils the children's manifesto.,3605,501372,00.html

Tuesday June 5, 2001
Future perfect
They are complaining ('no more teachers' cross voices'), inventive (canteen robots, underwater classes) but above all, realistic. Dea Birkett dips into our postbag,5500,501387,00.html

Tuesday June 5, 2001
So, what next?
Idle fantasy or programme for change? Party leaders Tony Blair, William Hague and Charles Kennedy read the Children's Manifesto
(this was the week of the UK general election!),3605,501109,00.html 

Tuesday June 12, 2001
What now for schools?,3605,504952,00.html