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Presentations at Cuesta College and Allan Hancock College

September 24-25, 2009

1. New Ingredients for Student Success: Social Networks, [Powerpoint 2000 file, 1.0 MB]

2. Learning in the 21st Century – Students as Self-Directed and Self-Assessing Learners, [Powerpoint 2000 file, 3.7 MB ] [Note: Be patient downloading these files --it takes 2-5 minutes, even on a high speed connection]

3. Videos on Project-Based Learning, 21st Century Skills, and Assessment at Napa New Technology High School

4. Articles

5. Rubrics from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Includes New Technology High School Rubrics.

6. New Technology 21st Century High School Model - General Information, Articles, Videos, Research. List of and links to New Technology High Schools.

7. Collegiate Learning Assessment/College and Work Readiness Assessment

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