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In July 2005, our Education Director, Michael Buchanan, attended the Building Learning Communities conference in Boston, USA. The conference provided access to direct experience of innovative educational practice in the USA (and Australia, Singapore et al). One of the most reassuring elements of the conference was the recognition that, although education systems and structures might vary internationally, educationalists are dealing with the same challenges globally - disaffection and disengagement, social exclusion, curricula and pedagogy which are inappropriate for the 21st century, the impact of new technologies, the desire for greater social mobility and the need for an education system which enables young people to develop the skill sets and personal qualities to become successful participants in a fluid, global society.

Coupled with this was the recognition that we need to innovate, to come up with new learning scenarios and education systems which transform learning and achievement, not simply tinker with what was designed for the 20th century. One element of this new thinking is the development of the New Technology High School network in the USA, features of which have become the focus of close examination in the UK, with a view to their potential transferability across the pond. This knowledge share sets out some of the purposes, key principles and organisational strategies of the New Technology High Schools and, as a postscript, makes links to some other related developments. Read more...(pdf)

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Author Michael Buchanan is Education Director of the Place Group,a specialist education company in the UK that works in partnership with its clients to transform education and raise standards in schools. Place Group does this by maximising the potential of school building and refurbishment programmes to drive positive change.The UK government's Building Schools for the Future initiative is central to this work, providing the catalyst for educational change.