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Presentations to the Learning and the Brain Conference,

February 17-19, 2011, San Francisco

I. Conference Session

1. From Students to Learners: New Learning Environments for 21st Century Learners , [Powerpoint 2000 file, 4.0 MB].

2. New Learning Environments to Support 21st Century Learners web page

3. Designing New Learning Environments to Support 21st Century Skills (PDF, reproducible), chapter by Bob Pearlman, in the new book, 21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn

II. Post-Conference Workshop:

4. Learning in the 21st Century — Students as Self-Directed and Self-Assessing Learners, [Powerpoint 2000 file, 3.2 MB ]

III. Resources

5. P21 CyberSummit 2010 Webinars

6. Schools and Videos Shown with PPT

7. Articles

8. Rubrics from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Includes New Technology High School Rubrics.

9. Buck Institute of Education: Project Search, PBL Do-it-Yourself, Online Project Libraries

10. New Technology 21st Century High School Model - General Information, Articles, Videos, Research, and Exemplar New Tech schools. List of and links to New Technology High Schools.

11. College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA)

12. PPT on Designing Projects: Getting and Assessing 21st Century Knowledge and Skills, [Powerpoint 2000 file, 4.3 MB ]

13. Videos of Exemplar PBL Elementary and Middle Schools (Coming) -- i.e. King Middle School

Bob Pearlman
21st Century School Development Consultant