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David Thornburg

My colleague David Thornburg continues be be an international thought leader in 21st Century Learning and Teaching. David is a prolific author, product developer, and professional learning trainer and facilitator. Over the past few years I have often tweeted about David's newest work, from his new book to the Knights of Knowledge PBL Inquiry Starter Videos to articles and videos about his work. So I decided to launch this page to gather all the disparate references to David's good works that today are scattered over my website (do a site search for Thornburg). David splits his time between Recife, Brazil, and Illinois. Note: David often teams with his wife Norma Thornburg and Sara Armstrong on KoK and other work. -- Bob, January 2014

1. David Thornburg on the Evolving Classroom (Big Thinkers Series)
The noted educational futurist describes his "holodeck" classroom -- an environment that supports project-based learning -- and makes the case for why the role of the teacher must change from lecturer to exploration guide. - from Edutopia's Big Thinker series.

2. Knights of Knowledge PBL Inquiry Starter Videos

Knights of Knowledge: PD Services

PBL Pioneers David Thornburg, Norma Thornburg, and Sara Armstrong have produced a terrific set of video-based PBL inquiry starters across the curriculum, what some of us call video entry documents for project-based learning. See exemplars at They provide a workshop to help teachers understand how to launch effective projects. These video starters cover all curriculum areas, but have a special focus on STEM.

1/4/14 -- David Thornburg has just announced that the 50 video-based PBL inquiry starters are now available for free download at:

  1. Google Chrome Webstore (using the Chrome browser); or

Educators are advised to engage in high quality PBL training like the KoK workshops to develop quality projects using these starter videos (see note below). - Bob

3. From Campfire to Holodeck: Creating Engaging & Powerful 21C Learn Environments

David Thornburg, From the Campfire to the Holodeck: Creating Engaging and Powerful 21st Century Learning Environments, Jossey-Bass, October 2013

Order at Amazon or Wiley.

The Atlantic interviews David Thornburg on his new book on 21C Learning Environments (November 2013).

4. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) infographic from David Thornburg

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) infographic from David Thornburg (July 31, 2013). Click on image to download larger size NGSS infographic.

5. thornburgthoughts blog-- Semi-random rants and raves from David Thornburg

6. Thornburg Center for Professional Development

7. 2014 Workshops - two-day workshops for all teachers by the Thornburg Center for Professional Development, led by David Thornburg, Norma Thornburg, and Sara Armstrong