Labor-Management Collaboration & Whole District Reform

Teacher Unions and Education Reform

TURN -- Teacher Union Reform Network
Teacher Union Reform Network is a union-led effort to restructure the nation's teachers unions to promote reforms that will ultimately lead to better learning and higher achievement for all students. The primary goal of TURN is to create new union models that can take the lead in building and sustaining effective schools for all students.

Principled Negotiations

Formerly Conflict Management Inc. (CMI), Thoughbridge has served as advisors, trainers, and facilitators on negotiation, conflict management, and leadership development for hundreds of organizations and individuals.

How Principled Negotiations Works
How did traditional adversaries cooperate to develop a reform-oriented context in Boston? What forces influenced them? What role was played by a new form of bargaining, known as "principled negotiations"?
Excerpt from "The Making of a Contract for Education Reform", By Edward J. Doherty and Laval S. Wilson.

A New Negotiation Process For 21st Century Schools: Three Models For Implementing Change
By Irma Tyler-Wood, C. Mark Smith, and Charles Barker

Collective Bargaining In Education: Getting Started In Interest Based Negotiation
By Grande Lum


"Smarter Charters? Creating Boston's Pilot Schools", chapter in the book "Creating New Schools: How Small Schools Are Changing American Education", Teachers College Press, Fall 1999

"The Making of a Contract for Education Reform" (PDF), by Edward J. Doherty and Laval S. Wilson, Phi Delta Kappan, pgs. 791-796, June 1990