My PBL Odyssey by Joe Oakey

The Autodesk Foundation deserves credit for bringing Project-Based Learning (PBL) to the attention of educators across the country during the 1990s. Founded by Joe Oakey, former Commissioner of Education in Vermont and Micronesia and former manager of Autodesk, Inc.ís Education Department, the Foundation spread the word nationally about Project-Based Learning from 1992 until its close in 2000. The Foundation supported schools and practitioners through the Tinkertech network, and the Project-Based Learning Network, and through the annual Kids Who Know and Do conference.

After retiring as Autodesk Foundation President in 1996, Joe wrote these stories about how he came to a lifelong passion for Project-Based Learning. See Joe's life story at My Brother Joe Oakey, By Dorothy W. (Oakey) Crumb.

Joe Oakey, 1921-2008

My PBL Odyssey (Part 1): The Broken Ruler

My PBL Odyssey (Part 2): Education Ain't An Exact Science: Revelations from Five High Schools in Four Years

My PBL Odyssey (Part 3): The Real World Ain't Like School: Revelations from a Private-Sector Experience in My Senior Year

My PBL Odyssey (Part 4): Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow? Education of an Educator--The Saga Continues

About the Author:
Joe Oakey is President Emeritus of the Autodesk Foundation.

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