September, 2011 -- There is increasing interest nationally in integrating the Arts, particularly design, into STEM programs and there is evidence of transforming existing STEM schools into STEAM schools and developing new STEAM Middle and High Schools. But most of this is targeted for Fall 2012 and I have been unable to discover as yet any intentional STEM Middle or High Schools that currently have a fully developed STEAM program and emphasis. Below are some links for schools that are in the planning stages, and some interesting articles and videos concerning the move from STEM to STEAM. -- Bob Pearlman

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Articles & Videos

School Links

  • Mounds View Public Schools (MN): Turning STEM into STEAM, Video: Full STEAM Ahead, Brochure. Middle schools in Mounds View have readapted curriculum to focus more on preparing students in the concepts of science, technology, engineering and math — often referred to as STEM. In fall 2012, all middle schools will add an arts component to this approach, turning STEM into a standards-based STEAM program.
  • STEAM Academy at Crystal Lake Middle School, 2410 North Crystal Lake Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801-6299, (863) 499-2970
  • Newark STEAM Academy: The Newark STEAM Academy, opening in Fall 2012, is an exciting new school that incorporates the nationally acclaimed Big Picture Learning (BPL) design of a small highly personalized and high performance school environment with a rigorous and relevant cross-disciplinary approach that integrates academic and experiential learning focusing on complex problem solving/critical thinking skills applied to the challenges of sustainability and the environment. Contact: Carlos R. Moreno, New Jersey Director of Big Picture Learning, 973-400-9532.
  • High Tech High, San Diego. HTH does not explicitly call itself a STEAM school, but CEO Larry Rosenstock says "A STEM focus is central to our design and success, but we also integrate the arts (often referred to as STEAM) to prepare students to participate in a global economy and help them to focus on their futures both in college and in careers."