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Manor New Tech Principal Steven Zipkes Announces New

3-Day Think Forward Institute and Pricing at your District Site

January 20, 2014

Hi Bob,

I wanted to bring you this exciting news that I believe may interest you and any of the Schools you work with regarding changes to our Think Forward PBL Institute training. Over the last 6 years we have mastered our Think Forward PBL Institute and the feedback we continuously receive is positively unparalleled to any PBL training available to practitioners. However, we are overwhelmingly being requested more and more by districts to train large groups of practitioners of 30 to 100 at their site. After much feedback and an intentional move to make it more readily available to accommodate district groups, small schools, and the individual teacher we have made it even more attractive and engaging. You will be please to know that we have managed to take the PBL training institute from 4 days to 3 days and not only keep the fidelity, but in fact make it deeper and more engaging. This means less time for practitioners to be away from their classrooms.

Also, and even more intentional for the first time we are able to make the training more affordable! Our current fee is $1,200 a participant and this has worked for 6 years as districts sent an average of 5 to 10 practitioners for training. With the increased demand and our goal of changing the face of education we have made our training price more affordable to districts, schools, and the individual teacher at $700 a participant which is $233 a day for a minimum of 30 participants! That is a huge savings and makes this the most valuable and affordable deeper learning PBL training your schools will ever have.

With the reduction of training from 4 days to 3 days and the more affordable cost from $1,200 to $700 a participant we can help districts, schools, and individual teachers meet the goal of changing the pedagogical approach in the delivery of instruction through Project Based Learning. If this training is an interest to any of the schools you work with I encourage them to contact me soon to plan days as Summer is currently being scheduled and booked.

Check out our Think Forward Brochure and learn more about our Think Forward PBL Summit, June 17-19, where we will be conducting our 3 day training at our site this summer.

Steven Zipkes, M.Ed.
Manor New Technology High
Apple Distinguished Educator