Stimulating Learning Platforms - The Dragon Boat

Wooranna Park Primary School

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May, 2016: Extraordinary 3-D panoramas of Wooranna Park's Stimulating Learning Platforms for children: The Dragon Boat (Year 2 Learning Group)
May, 2016: Project Stories from Wooranna Park's Year 2 Dragon Boat Stimulating Learning Platform from the Grade 2 Children, Teachers, ES Staff and Parents of 2015

Wooranna Park Primary School is a pioneer innovator in creating Stimulating Learning Platforms for children. The school first developed the "Dragon Boat" for its Year 2 Learning Unit and plans to develop the "Spaceship" for its Year 3 Learning Unit. See Principal Ray Trotter's letter below describing the school's philosophy and practice of utilizing Stimulating Learning Platforms in conjunction with "using young children’s imagination to create life-like experiences."

Dragon Boat Stimulating Learning Platform at Wooranna Park Primary School

1. Video: Channel Seven News report (December 23, 2011)


2. Email Letter from Wooranna Park Primary Principal Ray Trotter