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August, 2013

August 9, 2013: Today I started posting some of my new pages. I've been working on the redesign for a few weeks. My chief goal was to place a standard tabmenu on every page, to improve navigation around the site. As you can see I also widened the pages from 640 pixels, which was the standard when I started the website in 2002, to 940 pixels, which is today's standard. This enabled me to develop a RightColumn, to house messages, a contact button, a Google website search, a navigation list of pages of interest, and tweets from @bobpearlman. The pages I posted today include all the section index pages from the top tab menu and the pages listed in the RightColumn "Expolore these Pages" Navlist (Navigation List).

Coming Next:

  1. Redesign and posting of all the other most frequently visited pages.
  2. Updating of content on all pages
  3. New Content

Stay tuned on this page and I will update the redesign activity and also tell the story of how I learned about tabmenus, cascading style sheets (css), etc.

-- Bob