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July, 2014 -- No reform in education has accomplished as much and received as little recognition as School-to-Career (STC). Launched by the Federal Government in 1994, STC enhanced the high school experience for millions of young people and brought about about more positive business involvement with schools and with young people than any education reform in U.S. History. The federal law sunset in 2002 and few states took up the torch. Many of the STC partnerships and intermediary organizations have now lapsed. Great educators and business leaders across the country, however, have worked to sustain this important reform. In many cases they "re-invented" STC as a key component of high school reform. Today's Linked Learning movement in California is a great example of this re-invention, as are the practices of the Deeper Learning school networks.

October, 2014: Teachers in Industry: Tucson STEM Educators Gain Real-World Experience, by Gabrielle Fimbres, BizTucson, Fall 2014. Teacher Externships at Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ.
August, 2014: NC Teachers get schooled by Triangle employers - Summer externships help teachers from innovative schools connect classrooms to the workplace
July, 2014: Science on the job: Teachers learn from tech firms, by Emery P. Dalesio, Associated Press, July 26, 2014

        1. North Carolina New Schools
        2. Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education, California
        3. Leadership Initiatives for Teaching and Technology(LIFT2), Metro South/West Region, MA
        4. Houston Independent School District, TX
        5. University of Ariziona Teachers in Industry Program

1. North Carolina New Schools

Teachers get schooled by Triangle employers - Summer externships help teachers from innovative schools connect classrooms to the workplace, July 21, 2014
High school teachers shine as students during NIEHS STaRS Institute, By Kelly Lenox, NIEHS News, August, 2014
Teacher externship leads to large-scale project-based learning in biotechnology
, By Abbey Wood, FutureReady Blog, July 28, 2014

2. IISME, Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education

The IISME Summer Fellowship Program places San Francisco Bay Area K-14 teachers of all subjects into high-performance work sites for the summer. Teachers complete a project for their sponsors and are paid $7,000 for their work. Teachers also spend time focusing on ways to transfer their Summer Fellowship experience back to their students and colleagues. In the past 20 years, IISME has offered 1,824 Summer Fellowships to 1,059 individual teachers.

3. LIFT2

Note (2013): LIFT2 operated in Massachusetts from 2002-2008. It is no longer active. LIFT2 here links to the Internet Archive. LIFT2 Info Sheet (2007), LIFT2 Industry Partner 1, LIFT2 Industry Partner 2.

Leadership Initiatives for Teaching and Technology(LIFT2) is an innovative professional development model in Eastern Massachusetts aimed at strengthening the classroom practice and content knowledge of teachers of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Led by the Metro South/West Regional Employment Board's Technology Initiative, it is designed to improve student interest and performance in STEM curriculum by offering teams of middle and secondary school teachers a fifteen-month program that includes:

4. Houston A+ Challenge Teacher Externships

The City of Houston partners with the Houston A+ Challenge, school districts, community organizations and businesses to help provide Houston-area teachers professional experience in their teaching fields. This partnership helps make students' learning more relevant to the 21st century workforce.

See Videos for Houston Teacher Externships.

5. Teachers in Industry


The Teachers in Industry Program integrates paid summer industry work experiences in local businesses across the southwest together with either a focused Master's of Arts in Teaching and Teacher Education or professional development credits. These activities are based in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines as well as teacher education & training. Teachers in Industry focuses on guiding teachers to effectively bring their real world experiences into classrooms while building in-depth and practical knowledge of the workplace, and is open to all Arizona STEM teachers. Apply for Teachers in Industry. Business partner information is found here.