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Wooranna Park's Enigma Portal and Missions

Wooranna Park PS Enigma Mission Evolution

Wooranna Park Primary School is a pioneer innovator in creating Stimulating Learning Platforms for children. The school first developed the "Dragon Boat" for its Year 2 Learning Unit and then the "Spaceship" for its Year 3 Learning Unit. In 2013-2014 it launched the Enigma Portal, based on the ideas of David Thornburg. See Principal Ray Trotter's letter describing the school's philosophy and practice of utilizing Stimulating Learning Platforms in conjunction with "using young children’s imagination to create life-like experiences." The video and the Infographic below, released July 28, 2014, were both produced by the State of Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for their New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative of nearly 100 schools in Victoria and Tasmania. Wooranna Park has posted their Enigma Mission Videos here. For more on the Enigma Portal and to see Student Enigma Mission Videos go to the Enigna Mission Control.

>May, 2016:New Video on Wooranna Park's Enigma Portal and Missions from the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australia
May, 2016: Extraordinary 3-D panoramas of Wooranna Park's Stimulating Learning Platforms for children: the Enigma Portal (Year 4, 5, and 6 Learning Groups). Click and hold to see the 360° panorama.
October, 2015: New report on Professional Practices to Increase Student Engagement in Learning, Learning Frontiers, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), and the Innovation Unit. Profiles on Pages 24-28 Wooranna Park's key practices: Learning Agreement Time, Prep Kids as teachers, Enigma Missions, and Stimulating Learning Platforms. 

Students Talk about their Learning on Enigma Missions


Download this Infographic here. The Learner Voice link in the Infographic takes you to the video above, which is also posted in the Teacher Resources area of the Department's website at

For more on the Enigma Portal and to see Student Videos go to the Enigna Mission Control.